Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Seeing as its been over two years now since I posted anything here, I thought I owed it to my handful of readers to let them know why. During this period, I have actually spent most of my time on another Shakespearean mystery, one even bigger than the mysteries of Guy of Warwick or The Two Gentlemen of Verona viz. the identity of the young man who seems to be the main addressee of Shakespeare's sonnets. Finally (finally!), I have finished writing a paper on that subject, and posted it to If you're an aficionado of arcane Shakespeare hypotheses you can download a copy of the paper  here.

Writing the sonnets paper was quite a slog, and frankly I'm feeling all Shakespeared out for the moment, and needing a break. If and when I'll be back here, tackling Guy of Warwick etc, I can't say.

We'll see...